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Davey Pool Pump

This Davey Pool Pump was leaking. The repair was going to cost almost the same price as the new pump. Let's dismantle it....
The pictures were taken in a shed that was a bit crowded so please do not follow the exemple and use a clean surface and proper tool and protection 
meaning eye protection, hand protection at least. After unscrewing the easy part, the difficult part was to unscrew the rotor and the pumping element (photo 9) 
This was achieved that by blocking the rotor and unscrewing the pumping element. Once this done, the rusty parts were found. 
It was the rotating joint and that leaked over the time and little by little accumulated dirt and rust. So it was cleaned properly by removing 
any as much trace of rust as possible. Then a lot of grease was added to all the moving parts that are not in contact with the water.
The pump was reassembled. It works perfectly well since then. 

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