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Cheap Headphones (noise reduction)

This is an airplane headphone. Quality not too bad but it was worth showing its inside to you. 
The very fragile membrane in the middle row is what vibrates and creates the sound. The vibration
is produced by the little copper coil that is attached to the membrane.
The coil is "floating" over the magnet (the last row) and when the current (which is modulated by the music) 
varies, the coil moves up and down along the magnet and this very fast (up tp 20,000 times per second). 
The theory behind is called theory of electro-magnetism. 

Double Thermometer (digital)

This small thermometer includes 2 sensors. One for the inside(the blue part on the green PCB
and also one at the end of the cable. You can see the contact for the LCD screen on the last photo (the red line).
It is always tricky to re-assemble or repair parts with LCD screeens because after dismantling them once
the contact with the screen sometimes does not work properly and you will see missing numbers on the screen. 

Ipaq h2200 Pocket PC

A pocket PC is a great exemple of high density electronic. 
This Ipaq h2200 from Hewlett Packard is a powerfull computer including all sorts of features and programs like
word processor, excel spread sheet , games, bluetooth, photo viewer, movie viewer, etc... 

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